Reem Al Hashimi: our participation in the exhibition “Yeosu” succeeded in promoting the UAE and the “Expo Dubai 2020″ ..
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Her Excellency Reem Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State, managing director of the Higher Committee for the “Expo Dubai 2020″ candidate city to post the UAE national pavilion in the exhibition “Expo Yeosu,” South Korea is one of the largest international posts.

Confirmed in an exclusive interview with Emirates News Agency “WAM” at the Pavilion of the State Fair Expo 2012 Yeosu said the delegation of United Arab Emirates, which includes more than a hundred people in addition to the Working Group of the National Council for Media succeeded in the promotion of the state and file “Expo Dubai 2020.”

In response to a question on preparations efforts to mobilize international support for the UAE to host “Expo 2020″ in the city of Dubai .. She said Sheikha Lubna “I am very optimistic and expect to vote for United Arab Emirates” .. saying that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister Ruler of Dubai, “Amir” sowing hope in us to host the World Expo 2020 based on the potential and capabilities of the UAE and aptly positioned to compete for the largest exhibition of its kind globally in Dubai.

She said her dependents, “said a vote international enhance the status of UAE globally and this is in line with the vision of the leadership of the UAE 2021″ .. confirmed that the establishment of Expo 2020 in Dubai for the past six consecutive months would attract more than 25 million visitors as it will allow the development of the region adjacent to the airport the Maktoum International.

She explained that the area nominated for the establishment of the headquarters of Expo Dubai with total area of ​​400 hectares with expected that range from the cost of establishing the headquarters of Expo Dubai between two billion to four billion U.S. dollars .. However, they indicated that this project will also allow the establishment of more small and medium enterprises to serve Expo held in more metro lines, ports and infrastructure services and facilities for tourism and leisure guests to embrace the United Arab Emirates.

Sheikha Lubna said that the slogan of Dubai Expo 2020 / continue minds .. And making the future / is the title of the firm belief that the road to get to a bright future depends on our ability to interact positive and constructive partnership.

In the area of ​​economic development .. showed her dependents that links the UAE wide across continents provided unprecedented opportunities for the establishment of strong partnerships between the public and private sectors and the integration of young people and women in the global economy and Trade Expo is the ideal platform to continue to cultures and generations and concepts .. noting that Dubai plans to harness this feature to convert to simple relationships strong and smart partnerships pave the way towards sustainable progress.

And about Dubai’s ability to meet the demand of the participants in the provision of transport services and logistics .. Her Excellency Reem Al Hashemi, “The UAE is a model leader and a vital center in the supply chain and logistics services worldwide, as the Jebel Ali is the largest man-made harbor in the world.”

The dependents of “At the same time classified the Dubai International Airport’s fourth busiest in the world, witnessing takeoff or landing a plane every 90 seconds and provides its services through more than 160 airlines run flights to more than 200 destinations in going Emirates Airlines flights to more than 120 destinations in six continents of the world. “

She noted that the Higher Committee of the Government of Dubai will participate in five events for the general assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in Paris from November 2012 until November 2013, when a final vote involving 60 countries .. and said that a delegation from the International Bureau of Exhibitions in Paris will visit the state United Arab Emirates in February and March 2013 for information on the elements of the infrastructure of the Emirate of Dubai and watch things on the ground and make sure that the emirate’s ability to host the largest exhibition in the world.

She also noted that about 200 people from member states of the Organization and the Expo’s 160 countries will visit the UAE next year to see the facilities and services available in the state and emirate of Dubai in particular before the final vote in favor of the emirate.

And on the results of her visit to Paris in the delegation of the Supreme Committee for Expo Dubai 2020 .. Her Excellency Reem Al Hashemi said the results are positive, encouraging and invites us all to be optimistic to host the event .. and said it reviewed before the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in Paris, the reasons that make Dubai the ideal city to host Expo 2020.

It said that if it wins Dubai to host the Expo 2020 will be the first time that takes place in this World’s Fair in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent, which will provide unprecedented opportunities to participate in this event will also be the first global exhibition in the modern history can attract the majority of visitors from around the world, thanks to that enjoyed by Dubai’s geographical location and the openness to the world wide.

She explained that this diversity in the categories of visitors who Sistqdobam the show from all over the world will promote a fertile environment for the establishment of partnerships that meet the challenges of economic, social and environmental future.

It stressed that the UAE tops the Arab world in the indicators of growth and human development has been successful on the girl’s firm designed to provide model building, secure and sustainable development in the Middle East and beyond.

Her Excellency Reem Ibrahim Al Hashemi said the UAE is a land of opportunity for millions of people around the world who seek behind the action was founded on the values ​​and principles focus on welcoming newcomers from all over the world and here are home to residents from more than 200 different nationalities living together all the harmony in an atmosphere filled with security and peace and stability .. confirmed that the UAE is the country where cultures intermingled and where ideas flourish and thrive when expectations.

She explained that the UAE is becoming a regional center where that 60 percent of large companies listed on the magazine’s list of “Fortune” with offices regional or global in Dubai that offer the services to 241 state the value of trade with them in last year’s $ 190 billion As a result, GDP grew to Dubai last year by 2.4 percent and is about to grow by 5 percent this year.

The classification of dependents to the UAE in the world ranked 16 in Global Competitiveness Report issued by the International Institute for Management Development, ahead of an important economic powers like China and India.

And about the ability of United Arab Emirates to meet the application of the exhibition logo .. Sheikha Lubna emphasized that the work has already begun to turn the logo into a practical reality as the idea that she was selected for the Expo Dubai 2020 “continues minds .. And making the future “aims to formulate solutions to the challenges faced by the unprecedented world today and that will become more pressing in the year 2020 through sustainable partnerships .. asserting that intellectual communication may contribute to the conversion of many of these challenges into opportunities for the benefit of the peoples.

Sheikha Lubna said the “WAM” .. The Expo Dubai 2020 will provide an opportunity for proactive response to some issues of concern to the whole world, such as clean energy, water, transport, logistics and economic development.

It pointed out that these issues have particular relevance to the UAE, which is committed to diversifying energy sources and conservation of the environment in order to build a more sustainable future for the UAE and the international community as a whole .. referring to the “source” that support the development, deployment and use of leading technologies in order to contribute to solving the problem of change climate include the development of Masdar City’s first carbon-neutral city in the world.

On the echo promotional tour the world in favor of Expo Dubai 2020 .. She said her dependents, “said the UAE enjoys high credibility in the international community and has a wealth of experience in hosting events, economic and sporting highlights in the world it had previously hosted the Dubai meetings of the IMF and the World Bank and the activities of the Dubai World Cup horse and the Dubai International Air .. etc “.

And went on to say “and that Abu Dhabi will host a year and with great success events Formula – 1 is the most important tournament in the world of motor sport and has achieved success in hosting the meetings of the Organization,” Irina “The Energy Summit and the World Economic Forum and Exhibition IDEX and other events with a global dimension.”

She stressed that this reason will arrange visits to the United Arab Emirates delegates from member states of the Organization of Expo to see the enormous possibilities that are available in the UAE and Dubai to host Expo 2020.

They noted that the meeting between the UAE delegation members of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in the head quartered in the French capital is the second of five official meetings will provide an opportunity for the Supreme Committee to host the Expo 2020 to display the strengths file UAE and persuade them to be included in the voting process for the selection of the state be better to host the exhibition.

Predicted HE Reem Al Hashimi to be in November next year to resolve intense competition among the five advanced bid to host the exhibition in 2020, where will unveil the winning following the completion of counting of votes in the voting process, which will be held for this purpose under the supervision of the International Exhibitions Bureau.

She emphasized her dependents at the end of her speech .. that with the host Dubai World Expo 2020, this great achievement will be of great importance not only domestically but on the regional level as well, that would be the first time that has organized this huge event in a wide range includes the continent of Africa and the Middle East and Southeast Asia while it was unprecedented for the State of the huge areas that attracted the show since its inception 160 years ago.

It is noted that next to Dubai there are four other global cities are competing strongly to host the event is Ayutthaya, Thai, Yekaterinburg, Russian and Turkish Izmir, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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